Globe OGIO Travel Bag

Matt Cummins
 Finally, I found a travel bag.  The Globe OGIO Travel Bag (Carry-On) is the perfect size and sure looks like it can accommodate the needs of any on-the-go surfer out there.  The features on this thing would make Les Stroud happy. This inclusive bag offers plenty of room for clothes, a wetsuit pocket, fin storage, wax pocket, skate/snowboard straps, additional accessory pockets, and it fits nicely in the overhead bin. It's on rollers but stylish enough that you won’t get made fun of like that kid in middle school who was way smarter than you but never seemed to figure out that rockin the wheely bag everywhere wasn’t too cool. My only knock on the bag is that the laptop sleeve isn’t protective or secure enough to the point that I’d actually trust my laptop to it. Price wise, it’s a cool hundo, but definitely worth every penny.
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