Fiction Plane

Left Side of the Brain 
Label: Bieler Bros. (indie)
Genre: Post grunge
Sounds Like: The Police, but heavier and a little more pissed off.
Rating: 3.5 outta 5

When your father is Sting (a.k.a. Gordon Sumner), and you’re fronting a rock band from the U.K., it’s nearly impossible to avoid the minefield of comparisons to The Police.  Factor in Fiction Plane’s opening spot on The Police world tour this past summer, and a band moniker that is simply an anagram for “Infant Police,” doesn’t seem like the band is fighting too hard to get out of daddy’s shadow.  Nevertheless, Joe Sumner, the band’s vocalist and bassist, has managed to rally his troup to produce a stunning new LP, Left Side of the Brain.  A long awaited follow up to their critically acclaimed debut, Everything Will Never Be Okay, the new record channels influences ranging from Mr. Bungle to U2; while their nervous, reggae-injected, pop punk sound conjures new “Spirits in the Material World.”  And, oh yeah, little Joey sounds just like dad.  A must have for the long paddle, or the pre-party groove session, Left Side of the Brain will easily quench your sonic thirst.
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