Erin Reitow

 Name: Erin Rietow

Age: 23

Zodiac sign: Leo

Where are you from?: I’m from Waimea on the Big Island.

Favorite break: Banyans, Blacks Beach

Sponsors: I ride for Monument Clothing, Burke Surfboards, Liquid Foundation and BodyGlove. What about these companies’ styles do you like?: They’re all really different. I like the people that run the companies, they’re doing good things for the industry.

Who taught you how to surf?: My best friend from the Big Island and I learned together. Inspiration in the surfing world: That’s hard, ‘cause there are so many people. I would have to say my dad. Ideas about women in the male-dominated sport: Women are up and coming and we all have a lot of potential. Getting out in the water every day is important. It’s about pushing your limits on big waves and charging. Ideal surfing vacation: My ideal “vacation” would be to move out of the US to Peru or Indonesia, buy a canoe and live there forever, indefinitely.

Advice to fellow surfers: Live aloha to each other. We’re all out there, be nice.
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