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Sweet Natural Juice

In the time before iTunes libraries, YouTube clips and live web casts, a traveling surf movie coming to town was a huge event. Every surfer worth his wax would show up for it. In my home town of Santa Barbara, [...]

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Swell Times

When discussing California’s surfing history, which stretches to almost a century (depending upon who you talk to), there seems to be a relatively short list of epic dates when the coast was truly rocked by huge surf big enough to [...]

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El Capitan State Beach

PARK: El Capitan State BeachLOCATION: The beach is located off Highway 101, 17 miles west of Santa Barbara.NATURAL SETTING: El Capitan State Beach offers visitors a sandy beach, rocky tidepools, and stands of sycamore and oaks along El Capitan Creek. [...]

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Andrew Bennet

Not many surfers in Southern California get to claim an uncrowded semi-secret spot on a superb bit of coastline as their local spot. This is of course unless you live in So Cal's farthest northern reach. Andrew Bennet attributes his [...]

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