Dane Reynolds

 The one question staring Dane Reynolds in the face in 2008 is can he live up to the hype? Already regarded as the world’s best free surfer, people want to see if the kid from Ventura, who surfed so confidently in a few standout wildcard performances in select WCT events, can keep that cool, unintimidated demeanor unshaken for an entire season on the ‘CT. With a media manufactured rivalry in the making with Jordy Smith, Reynolds and his golden boy counterpart from South Africa are being billed as nothing less than the faces that will change competitive surfing.  Lost amid all the international speculation, though, are the hopes of his home state – that he be the first, since another regular footed central coaster, to claim a world title for California. Don’t worry Dane, no pressure. One thing’s for sure, the kid better have a strong back to hold up the weight of all those expectations.
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