Damn, I wish I was in California right now

You’ve got your couple of weeks of Christmas vacation right around the corner. A couple of weeks is plenty of time to take a jaunt to somewhere warm with plentiful shorelines. You start to look at tickets to various tropical destinations within striking distance. Mainland Mex? Too late and too early in the year. Hawaii? Too crowded. Costa Rica? It’s prime tourist season. Airfare is out the roof.
Now before you do something irrational and spend too much money on a trip that doesn’t yield enough waves, think…inside the box for a change. No need to call the airlines, no need to buy a coffin board bag. All of your surfing pleasures can be found a lot closer to home. Hell, they can be found at home.
Everywhere has its season and this is ours. The time when our world-class waves shine -- both the famous ones and the coveted secrets.  When our quadrant of the world lights up and surfers round the globe, even the ones in fortunate places, are thinking, “Damn, I wish I was in California right now.”
Whether you’re after dark, cold monsters, razor perfect points, beginner mush burgers or pulsating chambers, California’s got ‘em all this time of year. It takes some swell smarts, some persistence and a trusty rig, but if you want it bad enough, the California coast will deliver.
We don’t have bad Decembers (find wood and knock). Some are better than others, but there are always waves to be had before Santa comes. And most often, those waves come bigger and better than any other time of year. So before you sell your parents’ dog to buy that ticket to San Juan, think about it. Do you really want all of your friends telling you how big and perfect the spot you surf everyday was the whole time you were gone?
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