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How is your local break affected by these Eco Threats?

Rated on a scale of 1 through 5; 5 being most impacted and 1 being least impacted.  The numbers are estimates and intended for public awareness, not intended for scientific use.  Urban runoff and sewage spills have two numbers representing [...]

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It was just another classic summer day when my friend Aaron and I traveled up to North County for a surf session.  Everywhere we checked the waves were small and choppy and it seemed like just another day at the [...]

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Billy Watts

Billy Watts grew up in the 619, lived most of his life in the 858, and currently holds down the 760. And if that’s not OG enough he’s got DAGO POR VIDA FOOL tattooed in Old English across his stomach. [...]

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Matt Macauley

Name: Matt MacauleyHometown: Seaside parking lotAge: 22Job: I was a valet for a year and a half, now I just do that on the side of being a lab tech for a molecular immunology research group near UCSD. Sponsors: None…never [...]

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Cardiff-By-The-Sea Surf Co.

Mathew Geraldo is all about carrying companies that back their product 100 percent, and companies that his friends work for. He doesn’t have a huge selection of equipment at his store in Cardiff, but everything there is good quality. Geraldo [...]

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