Cardiff-By-The-Sea Surf Co.

 Mathew Geraldo is all about carrying companies that back their product 100 percent, and companies that his friends work for. He doesn’t have a huge selection of equipment at his store in Cardiff, but everything there is good quality. Geraldo grew up between Venice and Malibu, and opened Cardiff-By-The-Sea Surf Co. in 1997. Earlier this year his shop underwent remodeling to make room for his new boardroom. In his boardroom, you’ll find shapes by Griffen, Kies and Ukulele. They also do their own CBS (Cardiff- By-The-Sea Surf Co.) custom shapes. If you order a CBS custom, you can expect it to be shaped by either Greg Suaritch or Steve Griffen. CBS has its own glass shop, so if you decide to shape your own board, bring it in and they’ll glass it for you. West and Jet Pilot are what you’ll find for wetsuits. There are Dragon sunglasses, Sanuk sandals and that’s about it. Super easy, and I like it. You don’t get a headache when you walk in this shop from looking at all the posters. This shop brings back the simplicity of surfing. For clothes, there is CBS clothing, West and Jet Pilot. For the girls, skimpy Aaron Chang bathing suits, yummy. If you’re in town for the weekend or want to take out a kayak and fish the kelp beds, they rent them out. Also rented here are soft and epoxy surfboards and bodyboards. If your wetsuit’s falling apart, bring it in and they’ll repair it. If the suit is dry, chances are it’ll be finished by the time you leave because the upholstery shop is right through the back door.
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