C-Street, Ventura, California: A stellar wave gets better

 What you may know is that C-Street is a bit like Swamis -- a right, a point, fun at different sizes and on different boards. Granted, it’s not Rincon, which is just up the road a bit, but from my experience it also doesn’t attract that crowd. C-Street is perhaps the greeting card that you’re no longer surfing in Southern California. Everything seems fresher, less concreted and more, dare I say, soulful.

What you may not know is that the wave recently benefited from a great victory – something relatively unique for the entire country - a planned retreat from the coast. They literally moved the parking lot and bike path away from the break and reinstated a natural-state park at the point to allow for seasonal changes in sand and cobble. The real story, however, begins 15 miles inland with the Matilija Dam. It’s a 200-foot dam that is filled to the brim with sand and cobble. We’ve been working for a dozen years to take it down and we expect to have that completed in another dozen years. Imagine the sand and cobble in that 200-foot dam! Once that dam is taken down, the river will be restored to host steelhead trout and it will flow out right at C-Street. Seeing this entire process has seriously made me think of moving to Ventura. I love the wave today. I dream of what if might become without that dam stopping all the sand flow.
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