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Remembering Big Wednesday

The forecasts were claiming the biggest swell in 10 years.  Some were skeptical.  But as Wednesday morning rolled around, the buoys were reading in the 15-foot range at 17 seconds. We all knew we were in for something. Surfers woke [...]

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Ian O’Roarty

Some people cruise around as if they’ve got theme music – like John Shaft swaggering to Isaac Hayes’ Oscar-winning jam. Ian O’Roarty is one of these people. Only his soundtrack would be Slayer mixed with Dead Kennedys; and Ian would [...]

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Scott Overland

Name: Scott OverlandHome: EncinitasYou’ll see me surfing at: Blacks, Seaside, Swamis, D-Street, Ponto, OceansideOccupation: Sales Rep for Dakine and EtniesTravels: Hawaii, Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, Sumatra, Mexico, Costa Rica, Vancouver IslandLife successes: Blessed family life with my bride Tina and [...]

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Sundt Memorial Foundation

Through the enormous glass windows of his Prospect Street office in La Jolla you can see Jon Sundt’s home. Naturally your eyes start to trail down the cliff to Blacks breaking just below his house and then along the La [...]

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Ernie Hahn

First light breaks at Blacks at 5 a.m. in the summer and as late as 6:30 a.m. in those damn cold December mornings. With a 10-minute roadside shower (standard shampoo – 10 minutes, shave program – 15 minutes), Ernie Hahn [...]

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Swell Times

When discussing California’s surfing history, which stretches to almost a century (depending upon who you talk to), there seems to be a relatively short list of epic dates when the coast was truly rocked by huge surf big enough to [...]

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Trestles, North San Diego County, California: Last chance for icon

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Tres Palmas, Rincón, Puerto Rico: Commonwealth s “Wave Protection Program”

What you may know is that waves on the east coast don’t always suck. In fact they can rival Pipe. Yes, I said Pipe. Tres Palmas is a wave that can make that claim. It’s a slab of water that [...]

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