Billy Watts

 Billy Watts grew up in the 619, lived most of his life in the 858, and currently holds down the 760. And if that’s not OG enough he’s got DAGO POR VIDA FOOL tattooed in Old English across his stomach. He is dubbed by his friends as the white David Hasselhoff and known to his enemies simply as CONDOR. He loves surf photography to the max, but he is on a life long sojourn to find out “how in the @%*$ Coors Light has the coldest tasting beer. That’s like saying D St. has the bluest smelling waves. It’s quite the quandary and I’m perplexed.” Billy shot the skating article in this issue. “When Evan proposed the skate article I jumped at the opportunity to shoot it because I have never shot skating before and I think it’s important in your growth as a photographer to shoot as much subject matter as you can. I mean sure I take some pretty sweet surf photos, but you should see my portfolio of Jewish circumcisions.”
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