Adam Replogle

Respected as much for his big wave prowess as for his free surfing, the 36-year-old Replogle is an ex-competitive surfer living in Santa Cruz with his wife and two daughters where he’s also a partner in the Billabong Surf Shop. This month Replogle penned a short tribute to Peter Davi. “Peter Davi and I were friends. I was there the day he passed away, and was deeply moved,” Replogle said. “I lost my father years ago and feel for his family, most of all, though, his son Jake.” Replogle also profiled two up and coming young Santa Cruz surfers, T.J. Mikus and Nic Hernandez. “I’ve seen these two kids from Pleasure Point surf a ton. On a day to day basis, they’re the standouts in the lineup,” Replogle said. “Nic Hdez is by far the best 10-year-old I’ve seen come out of Santa Cruz. And T.J. Mikus has been working hard for years and it’s starting to pay off.” 

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