6. Bobby Martinez, Highest Rated Californian on the WCT

Bobby Martinez has been on the surfing A-list since he was a little grom winning the Menehune division of NSSA Gold Coast events. His surfing continued to progress and inspire as he moved up the age brackets winning seven NSSA National titles along the way. Martinez’s post-amateur career stumbled for a bit as he battled poor results, mediocre sponsorship and a lack of motivation. Faced with the prospect of failure in the only thing he knew, Martinez put his head down and mowed through the playing field. Martinez is now a savvy sophomore on tour and the kid from Rincon may be the world’s most lovable surfer. He always has a grin and always seems to lay down the law when given the right conditions. In 2007, with only Pipe left on the WCT schedule, Martinez sat in seventh place amongst the Top 44 and was the highest rated Californian, almost assuring himself a top 10, or possibly top five, finish to this year’s campaign. Californians the state over are proud to have Bobby representing the Golden State in the world surfing arena.
A-List BFF: We know he chills with his Latino brethren at home in Santa Barbara but his preferred tour buddies are the Hobgoods. Go figure.
Big Corpo Connection: Reef, Channel Islands, and Monster.
Arch Rival: Anyone in his heat at sick, left venues.
Greatest Hits:  2006 ASP Rookie of the Year, two Surfer Poll Top 10 finishes, two Mundaka wins and a win at Chopes… and seven NSSA National Titles.
Master of This Domain: Westsiiiiiide. Bobby cut his teeth at Rincon and is comfortable at the right-handed points, but he’s proven himself to be a force in the hollow lefts as well.
Career Lowlight: Near career ending shoulder injury.
Bling Factor: We know he’s got it in him. Bobby bought a BMW at 16. Maybe the media backlash from that led him to resent the super-star spotlight. He loves Tupac. His tatts are as big as his Rottweilers, and his Rottweilers are as big as his truck. It could just be a matter of time until he’s pushing in a gate code for some Montecito real estate.
Red Carpet Moment: The crowd went nuts at his Surfer Poll top ten finishes. California loves Bobby Martinez because he is California.
Evidence of Aquatic Prowess: His World Tour wins and Rincon devastation have led everyone to believe that Bobby’s seven NSSA National Titles were indicative of his potential. If you’ve never seen him surf and you don’t believe me when I say that he is good, pop in Mixed Tape and his documented global assault will prove it.
California Roots: Bobby was taught by the queen of the coast, and that’s as California as it gets.
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