19. The Malloy Brothers, California’s First Family of Surfing

California’s surfing family, the Malloys, have been all over the surfing spectrum. Competition heathens, career film makers, high amplitude video segments, big wave hell-men, cold water voyagers, eco-minded spokesmen, are all apt description of the brothers Malloy. In short: Chris, Keith and Dan have done everything surfing has to offer. They surf like locals everywhere they paddle out, from Jalama to Bundoran (minus the growls, head dunks and rock throwing) and are gaining respect around the world for their environmental savvy and multi-faceted approach to the sport. In May of 2007 they adorned the cover of Outside Magazine featured as part of the “Best Jobs” issue in an article titled “Nine Reasons to Buy the Malloy Brothers a Beer”. A documentary on these brothers would get you amped to rip, inspire you dig through garage sales for vintage boards and motivate you to take the recycling out. These good guys are good for surfing and great for California. 
A-List BFF: Keith and Dan, Dan and Chris, Chris and Keith. 
Big Corpo Connection: Patagonia 
Arch Rival: Evil developers and industrialists.
Greatest Hits: It’s hard to believe that before the green revolution Keith and Dan were heavy hitting competitors and Chris was a high flying aerialist with a big wave flare. Dan was the 1996 O.P. Junior Pro Champ and Keith was a one time WCTer. Chris has set a new precedent in surf filmmaking with his Moonshine Conspiracy releases such as Thicker Than Water.
Master of This Domain: Surfing places that are cold and require a canoe to get to. They seem awfully comfortable in Ireland as well.
Career Lowlight: Jamaica’s surf team finished a pitiful 21st at the ISA games under Dan’s tutelage. 
Bling Factor: Materialism isn’t exactly on the Malloy agenda. But I guarantee they have a nicer tent than you do. And the Malloy board quiver is envied by every board buff. You name it, they got it: Wooden Hess fishes, Lopez pintails, Simmons relics.
Red Carpet Moment: Dan once landed top 10 in the surfer poll and they have been the stars of many film premiers.
Evidence of Aquatic Prowess: Thicker Than Water, A Brokedown Melody, Shelter, and most of Taylor Steele’s video collection.
California Roots: The Malloy lineage goes back five generations in California and they are as casual on a quarter horse as they are in the tube. 
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