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Online Ads is one of the largest Surfing Web sites in the world. On-Line Advertising provides you great ROI:

    1. Banners rotate throughout the entire Web site or can target a specific surf region.
    2. Clients have access to complete stats on impressions and click-through rates for each and every banner on the campaign
    3. Clients can test multiple creative messages and use the stats to fine tune their online campaign and all other marketing efforts
    4. banner ads rate (CPM) are more affordable than the rates you pay at the big surfing media companies sites

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Online Sponsorships

If you are interested in sponsoring a section or specific surf spot on, you will benefit from:

    1. Being the exclusive sponsor for that section or surf spot
    2. Make sure all our users that check a surf spot or site section will see your sponsorship message and branding

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Benefits of advertising in the SurfShot Newsletter include:

    1. Highly Targeted Email Campaigns
    2. Increase your web site traffic and sales.
    3. High quality creative design provided by
    4. Expand Your on-line marketing campaign.

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